Chapter 2 The Hunt

megan kneels on the rough-hewn wooden floor of the inn, her knees aching, but she fears to shift her weight and show her inability to obey Master in this one small task.

i bow my head, the silky veil of my autumn tresses covering my tear stained cheeks… and the light of anger in my eyes. How can i be angry with this Man?, my Master, when it was my choice to run, knowing i would face punishment? But the petulance rises within me…if He had come after me the way He said He would, i would never have stayed away & been found by the Brigand. my cheeks turn crimson at the memory.
i still feel His seed within me, mingled fluids trickling slowly between my smooth labia.

i hear Master speak quietly with the tavern owner & the sound of coins on the bar, afraid to raise my eyes i remain motionless. His leather boots appear before me & i bend to place kisses on them in hopes of gentling His anger, shivering at the feel of a rough collar being fastened round my throat and at His words.
“What does One do with a pet who will not stay by One’s side?”, my mind searches for the answer He wishes to hear, then He firmly answers His Own question. “One places them on a short leash till they learn that One’s side is the safest place for them”, i hear the soft metallic click of a lead being attached to my collar.

Colin bends to attach the leather lead to megan’s collar, His most fervent desire to gather her up into His arms & cover her body with kisses, but steeling Himself, He resolves to carry her lesson through and takes the silk from around her wrists. “Follow me pet”
He tugs at the strap, and as she starts to rise to her feet He commands “On your hands & knees slave!”, she drops to the floor again, raising her eyes to Him in disbelief. her Master walks through the room with His one trying to stay at His heels, reaching the center of the room, He stops and orders her to kneel.

my knees scraping on the wood of the inn floor… the ache travelling up my thighs, i scramble to stay close, the collar pulling at my throat uncomfortably as i fall behind. i am unable to look at T/those around me, shame filling me to be treated like a low animal in front of A/all.
i almost run into my Master’s calves when He stops unexpectedly and i kneel, thighs wide open, ass on heels, my back straight. i cross my ankles & turn my toes under, pulling my shoulders back to raise my breasts. i place my hands on my knees, palms up, unable to raise my head for the disgrace and anger i feel welling up within me.
Master speaks in a tone i have seldom heard “ Raise your hands slave”, i raise my arms, my body shakes uncontrollably. Reacting automatically, i pull back as i feel leather cuffs slipped round my wrists, suddenly His hand is in my hair, pulling my head back, forcing me to look into His eyes as He growls. “Do not disgrace Me further, put the cuffs on NOW!”
He tosses the devices into my lap, i slip my wrists into them then offer my hands for Him to fasten the buckles.

He checks the rings in the solid oak post at the center of the room, testing them. Satisfied they will hold, Colin reaches down and draws megan to her feet, raising her arms above her head & directing her against the post, facing it. He fastens and hooks the cuffs through the rings causing her to stretch till she stands on the balls of her feet.
Ensuring she is securely fastened, He turns from her as though disinterested, taking a seat at a table nearby and motioning for a serving slave to bring Him a beer. Out of the corner of His eye He watches His slave’s inward struggle as the raven-haired beauty clad only in a silk about her hips kneels before Him offering the drink. He accepts the service, stroking the dark hair before Him and drawing the willing girl into His lap as He sips His beer.
The sound of metal against metal rings out as megan vainly tries to free herself. Allowing His hands to roam the curves and softness of the girl in His lap, He surreptitiously watches the effect on His slave.

i allow myself to be displayed on the whipping post in the center of the Inn, my public humiliation part of the price to be paid for my rebellion. Expecting the sound of the lash or paddle, my muscles straining as i am stretched, my eyes close and i tense, inwardly reminding myself that i have brought this upon myself, that it will hurt less if i relax and accept my punishment.
Waiting for the sound & strike that do not come, opening my eyes I turn my head to see Master taking a seat at a table. Biting back a curse as another girl serves Him, pulling at my bonds, desperate to free myself & take my place at His feet.
It is i who should be serving my Lord, my hair He strokes so gently, my body taken into His embrace, a snarl breaks from my lips unbidden as i see her victorious smile. Anger flares anew and i twist in the cuffs, my wrists becoming slick with sweat, held firmly.
Watching T/them together, my Master taking no notice of me, focused on His new “toy”, pitiful whimpers rack my throat, tears welling in my eyes and falling over my cheeks to drop on my silks, staining them. For what seem endless hours Master talks with the girl, eyes on her, she wriggles sensuously in His lap, my heart breaks within me, if only He would whip me, beat me, anything to show He is thinking of me.

His keen ears hearing the snarl, Colin sees the staining of her breast with tears, feeling the first phase of her training has gone well, He kisses the serving girl deeply and bids her go about her duties.
With a sigh she slithers from His lap, ensuring He feels the heat of her sex against His thighs, chuckling He reaches out to slap her buttocks playfully as she walks with subtle grace back to the bar. Turning to the task at hand, He finishes His beer in a gulp and stands, crossing to His and drawing the knife at His belt. Taking the neckline of her silk shift in His hand, He places the knife under the fabric, carefully slicing it downward to the hem, baring her back and buttocks to Him.
Colin runs His hand appraisingly over her smooth skin, delighting in the trembling of her body, the need for her almost overwhelming, thoughts of spreading her & taking her as she stands fill His brain. Shaking His head to clear the haze forming as His lust flares, He walks to the wall where a variety of tools are displayed. He chooses carefully, taking down a single tail and leather covered paddle, laying them side by side on a nearby table.
Reaching into the leather pouch at His side, He draws out a flask of scented oil, approaching her, He uncorks the flask & pours oil into the palm of one hand. He caresses her back with the oil slick hand, spreading it over megan’s soft white skin, adding more to His palm, He strokes the cheeks of her ass as she writhes under His touch. Leaning in He whispers “Do you know what the oil is for pet?” she nods, her body shaking in anticipation of the punishment to come. “I will not do this in anger girl, you know that?”, again she nods, biting her lip.

My heart aches as i see Master kiss the girl and slap her, the strike that should be mine, a sob threatens to escape my lips and i bite it back. Seeing Him rise, i twist to try to watch Him, then feel icy steel against my back, the cold air brushing over my skin as i am bared to Him.
Hearing His movements behind me, unable to turn to see, i jump as His slick hand cossets my back then move under the touch, a moan more felt than heard as my desire for Him burns within me. His words fill me with dread, the oil will serve to increase the heat of any blow to my skin, i shudder and my body slumps in its restraints. His boots scrape on the floor behind me, desperately i twist my head to see what He is doing, the sound of the singing of the whip in the air my first clue.
Gritting my teeth at the sound of leather striking flesh, heat searing through me from the spot on my back where it connected. Again the whip whistles, then cracks on my body, i am thrust forward into the post, my silks sliding to the floor, pooling at my feet, my tender breasts & sex assaulted by the roughness of the post.
“Count the strikes girl” , the words moan between my teeth “Two Sire”. Over & over the whip is raised, each time moving further down my back until all i can feel is the fiery pain from my shoulders to the small of my back. “Eight Lord” , There is a long pause & i feel a cream being smoothed over my skin, screaming as it burns into the welts, my screams dying to whimpers as the cream begins to cool my skin. Another pause and then the singing of the flame that is the whip, one strike to each of my rounded cheeks, i twist, trying to escape the lash , sobbing the words “Ten, Master”

Lovingly, He touches her cheek & moves the hair away from her face and back, moving behind her, putting away the flask and placing a pot of cooling cream open on the table beside His tools. He then picks up the single tail & hefting it in His hand, carefully swinging it with practiced ease, watching to ensure the skin is not broken, gauging His strikes, listening to her sobs & the strain in her voice as she counts the strikes.
He creates a crisscross pattern of weals over her back, then delicately smoothes the cream into the welts, seeing her flinch into the post, a scream wrenching from her as the cream registers on her senses.
Placing the cream back on the table, He raises the whip again, one strike to each cheek, approaching her, He places a booted foot between her bare feet , moving her legs apart, “Spread for Me slave.” she obeys mindlessly, her head dropping forward & to one side, leaning into the post, hair clinging to shoulders & back damply.
Stepping back & taking careful aim, Colin snakes the whip around her ass, between her thighs to land on the outer lips of her sex. she cries out, her head falling back as her body slams into the post in an attempt to escape further strikes. Quietly putting the whip on the table, He picks up the paddle and moves in beside her, her skin glistens with the sheen of sweat, her face covered in tears, running freely over her cheeks, down her chin to her breast. He takes a hanky from His pouch & wipes her nose gently. then wrapping her hair around one hand to hold her fast, He raises the paddle, bringing it down squarely over the welts on her buttocks.
she screams again, her body crashing into the post, breasts bruised by the wood. Two strikes and Colin lays the paddle aside. The room resounds to her wracking sobs, her body convulsing with pain. her knees buckle and she is held erect only by her restraints. “little one, you ran from Me when I gave you no cause, your only reason to bring punishment on yourself. This you have done to My regret. Now little one, I will fulfill a promise I made to the One Who found you, to let Him have you as His. Do you dispute My right to do so?” megan shakes her head, heartbroken, body overcome by pain and her soul in despair, to lose the One she loves over a prank. she pleads, her voice filled with desperation “Please Lord, it is Your right, but do not do this thing, beat me, please, whip me for my wrongdoing and the way I disgraced You, but please do not give me to another. Lord, forgive this one and she will never leave Your side again, Your every word shall be Law to her. Your pleasure her only joy. You may beat her, brand her, make her Your slave, treat her as a mean and low creature, but do not make her leave Your service.”
His voice rings out with authority “Enough! It is done!” Taking the cream, Colin smoothes it gently over her back and buttocks hearing her pitiful moans and cries as the cream first heats, then cools her reddened flesh. Reaching up He releases her from the post, she crumples to the ground into a dejected sobbing heap, her sad cries and the sight of her body arousing both His pity and lust.

Released from my place at the post, my legs have no strength to hold me & i drop to the floor, pulling myself into fetal position until the burning of my flesh pulled taut by the position forces me to uncurl and ease the pain a little. The cream sinks into my skin, feeling like ice singeing the heated surface of my body. my mind reels trying to make sense of what has happened, the physical fighting for ascendancy over the emotional pain, i briefly consider taking my own life, but dismiss it as unworthy and knowing it would only bring further disgrace to myself and my Master.
Resolving to obey this last command of my Master, i lean against the post, awaiting my fate. My Master’s voice reaches me through the cloud of pain “Do not look up girl till your Master bids it” . Turning on His heel He is gone, His abrupt departure with no kiss, no word of goodbye pierces my heart and i fall face forward to the floor, sobbing.
i do not hear the approach of the Brigand, nor look up when i feel His hands on my shoulders, but the dread voice sounds in my ears again “Look upon your Master girl, NOW!” , i raise my eyes, blinking in disbelief & looking around in confusion. Colin reaches down & gathers me in His arms, careful of my back. “Yes girl, it was Me, do you intend to leave your Master ever again? If so there are many here Who would be glad to claim you.” i shake my head, my damp hair whipping my face, throwing my cuffed arms about my Lord & twining my legs about His waist i cover His face with grateful kisses.
He reaches up & undoes my cuffs with one hand, tossing them to the barkeeper, the collar & leash are soon laying on the bar and He strokes my throat where the collar has left a mark, kissing the redness. His growls of fervor for me rumble deep in His chest.

With her twined firmly around Him, Colin moves to the table and clears away the cream and tools, then leans back into the wall, murmuring “Expose Me girl.” she slides one hand over His shoulder & down His chest to His breeches, opening them & drawing Him out, her hand firmly around the shaft. Lifting her in His arms, He leans His head down & kisses her breasts, still sensitive and red from their contact with the oaken beam.
Together T/they guide the joining of T/their bodies. she places Him at her entry and wraps her arm about His neck again, the movement causing heat to flare in her back, she gasps. Colin lowers her very slowly onto His rod, savoring the heat & silken dampness as she closes around Him. He moves with her across the room, acknowledging the nods & approving glances of the Other Dom/mes in the tavern.
Mounting the stairs to the rooms kept for Patrons, the motion stirring Him inside of her, imbedding Him deeply, He opens a door & enters a simple bedroom. The furnishings are sparse, but at the far end of the room is the bed, its sumptuous coverings clean & fresh smelling. Rings firmly fastened into the head & footboard, the four posts rising to the low ceiling. Leaning against the door to close it, He finds her soft lips with His mouth, sucking her bottom lip between His teeth & biting it gently, moving His hips slowly to rock Him into her. she moans her pleasure & need of Him against His mouth.

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