Chapter 3 The Hunt

Colin walks to the bed, the soft sumptuous coverings beckoning, He gently withdraws from megan and leans to lay her face down on the bed. Going to the window, He opens it, looking out at the crescent moon and stars, glancing back at His, He watches the breeze ruffle her dampened hair, she moans and writhes as the air cools the heat of her back. His heart swells within Him, sorrow for the punishment He was forced to inflict and love for her beauty in submission.

my back shrieks its pain, the searing heat clouding my thoughts, barely feeling myself lowered to the bed, till the soft coverings press against my bruised body. Listening, unable to move, each turn of my head bringing lancing shafts of pain from the welts on my back, feeling it swollen and tender, then a breeze wafts over me and I moan as it chills my sweat soaked skin, every nerve ending scraped by its passing.
my mind reels with the events of the day, then I feel His hands warm & gentle, trailing up my calves to my thighs, the bed creaks as He lays beside me. His kisses to my hair & face arousing me, He covers my mouth with His, His hunger reaching deep into my being.

Colin undresses by the window, watching His, then crossing, He gingerly lowers Himself to lay with her, careful not to jar the bed too much and cause her more pain. He kisses her soft hair and cheek, tasting the salt of her tears and sweat, running His tongue over her closed eyelids, His kisses becoming deeper and more fervent as He reaches her mouth. Tongues dance in unison, tasting E/each O/other, flicking and darting, she breathes a soft sigh into the kiss, her sweet breath feeding His desire. He runs His hand down her side, feeling the curves, the velveteen softness of her skin, Colin moans and slides lower.

Master’s hand feels hot & yet soothing to my flesh, my eyes are unable to focus, the room a swirl of colors, His lips trace His path down my body. Colin kisses each of my weals gently, moving my hair over my shoulder, the brush of it against my inflamed back excruciating… I arch slightly & groan, each movement bringing new awareness of lightening bolts of white hot pain that dull into drumbeats of ache. He strokes my calves and ankles, sliding between my legs, opening me gently, hands moving up the inside of each limb.
Reaching my thighs Master places gentle kisses , rubbing softly, His fingers travelling slowly up to the heat of my buttocks… fingertips brushing over the crimson blush. I draw in my breath sharply & pull my muscles in automatic response to avoid further pain, heat flares as my muscles move under the swollen flesh. Then my mind registers His fingers probing me delicately, opening me like a tender flower to flicker His tongue over my outer lips, the nerve endings so alive to any touch carry the hunger in His tenderness. The throbbing of my wounds becomes a background to the insistent beat of desire within my belly.

He moves over her carefully, His eyes drawn to the curve of her back and the roundness of her ass, the crease so like the indentation on the surface of a peach, like the fruit, the curve hiding the juices He craves, the tender flesh of her so succulent, the shadow of the crease leading to her delights. Colin slides down between her legs and opens her, gazing on her moist loveliness, His manhood rising against His stomach, tipped by a glistening diamond of His own juices. His hands explore her surfaces slowly, opening, dividing her, leaning down He drags His tongue over her swollen labia, tasting their pungent sweetness.
Forcing Himself to control His urgency He settles between her thighs, His lips and hands caressing, probing, tasting. He hears her moans, the cries of pain replaced by low sounds of pleasure. Running His hands up her ass cheeks, holding the hot flesh gently at first, He runs His tongue from clit to anus, feeling her squirm under Him. Lapping greedily He feasts on the dew of His slave, His touch inviting more to flow, his lips find the hard nub and reaching under her mound, He lifts her to His mouth like a melon, pressing His face into her.
His girl’s clit grows hard, pulsing against His lips, her body undulates as He presses His tongue into her sweet channel, teasing the juices from the silken inner walls. Slowly at first, then increasing speed, He moves His tongue in & out, two fingers pinching her clit & pulling the hood back, rubbing the minute shaft. Her body begins to quake, her pelvis rocking in His hand, her womanhood grinding against His mouth and cheeks. He groans into her, moving a hand to press one reddened cheek as she bucks and undulates, her nectar flowing freely onto His tongue.

Searing heat, the stripes on my back feeling like knife wounds, I cry out with the pain, the sound drowned by my gasps of pleasure as Master devours me, unable to stop my need, pain and pleasure washing together into a sea of tumultuous passion, my hips rocking and churning. His one hand tightens on my heated buttocks, He raises Himself, holding me tight, His free hand guiding His rock hard phallus to my open sex. He strokes it though my crease, I hear His low growls as He places it at the gateway to my core, the head nudging me open. Slowly He presses forward, I feel my body quake as I fight the urge to lunge back, and His hands hold my buttocks. The touch sending tendrils of pain racing through me, tears fill my eyes, then He moves and His shaft jerks and slides slowly deeper.
I am lost in the urge to surrender myself to lustful wanton thrashing, panting I clutch tightly to the last shreds of control. His movements are so maddeningly deliberate and measured, forcing me to follow His lead. Reaching forward, Colin wraps one hand in my hair, His skin brushes my back & I scream out in pain. The shrill cry gurgling in my throat as He uses His muscles to dance His cock within me, touching the walls in tapping motions as He slowly withdraws, then presses forward again. He pulls my head up and back, leaning to possess my mouth, the motion laying Him over my back and driving Him to the root of His manhood into me, the voice of the Brigand, my Master sounds in my ear, sending a thrill through me. “you are Mine and I love you little one, you are My heart, your voice fills My soul with joy, your smile warms Me”

Colin feels the heat of her around Him, fighting the craving to take her hard and fast, He moves within her, His belly muscles tighten and release to move His rod within her, jerking it as He presses forward, the silken walls pressing in on Him. He holds her ass tight, deliberately mingling pain & pleasure within her, then megan’s hair is in His hand and He takes her mouth in His, kissing her roughly. His voice husky with need, He professes His true heart to His little one, the skin of her back radiates heat into His chest & belly as He lays over her, suddenly she spasms, muscles contracting tightly.
He rises to His knees, buried deep within her body, unaware of making a sound, He roars and His hips churn. Control lost, He takes her, ass muscles clenched and His cock tingling, He feels her vibrate, the nearness of her release causing her channel to tighten and stroke Him. she arches, her body rippling in waves under His, sucking Him deeper, and holding Him. His slave become His bitch in heat, coupling with Him mindlessly, her head rolling side to side, screams muffled in the pillows. Colin jerks her head back by her hair, wanting to hear her wild cries, the sound catches in her throat as she bucks and thrusts, His eyes roll back, balls heavy with seed slapping her clit. A wild growl rising to a bellow rumbles in His chest as His body moves on her savagely.

There is no pain, there is no pleasure, there is only Master. His body fills me, i am His, W/we are O/one in this moment, my body joined with His. Wildly i thrash and pump my body back on Him, wanting more, wanting Him deeper, there is no thought, only feeling. His hands holding me, the fire of my back, the overwhelming need to be like this forever. my body tightly encasing Him, the raw nerve endings of my skin heightening each sensation, each movement, howling i explode in release. Fingers pull at the coverings under me as i lunge again and again to meet His hammering thrusts, the heavy balls beating against my engorged clit. Gasping and shrieking one climax thundering over the last till they blur into an orgasmic haze, as if from a great distance I hear a reverberating roar and feel the hot flood of His seed entering me as His cock pumps His desire into me.
Rolling my hips my body wringing the cum from Him, feeling Him still hard, His staff piercing me, ignoring the ache in my flesh I rise up till I am seated in His lap, my thighs on either side of his knees. The shift in position pushing Him deeper than before, I hear Him moan and feel His hands slide round to cup my breasts, Master holds me tightly against Him as I ride Him. With a final hoarse cry He drives up into me as His cock explodes in a final stream of cum.
Exhausted W/we fall to the bed.

Colin collapses beside His little one making sure not to fall on her back, His body drained, mind dazed by the strength of T/their coupling He pulls her close, tucking her head into his arm to cradle her and turning her head to shower her face with soft kisses. Trying to speak His love, unable to form the words, He strokes her soft cheek and gazes into her eyes, watching the fires within and seeing the depth of her adoration of Him.
The responsibility of owning such a gift fills Him with awe, the love in her eyes bringing exultation to His heart. Reaching for His pouch, He draws out the cream & delicately smoothes it over her back, wincing as she flinches with the pain. her heated skin seen to, He nestles her in His arms & whispers, “ sleep little one, you have pleased Me greatly, you are My delight and I love you”, smiling He kisses her lips softly as she murmurs into the kiss “and one loves You Master, so very much.”

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