The Hunt

Sitting with my Lord , the sounds and sights of the medieval pub around U/us , i snuggle in His arms thinking of O/our past conversation about escape and His promise to hunt me down, bring me back and exact payment. Remembering the sharp slap to my buttocks, smiling and biting my lip. Quickly before i can think better of it and change my mind i brush my lips across His and squirm from His arms, running quickly across the room and out the door, bare feet slapping on the cobblestones.
Reaching out for His as she squirms from His arms, watching her scoot out the door, Colin rises and saunters to the bar pouring Himself a beer. He takes it back to the table and sits back placing His booted feet up on the oaken surface chuckling to Himself.

Outside i run, passing shops and houses, villagers and vendors occasionally pausing to glance at the running slave and turning back to their tasks. One or Two Men watch the lithe form, considering what trouble it might cause to capture what appeared to be a runaway. Whether to keep her or find her Owner and claim a reward. None take up the challenge and i run on.. The houses and shops thinning, fields and meadows taking their place. Outside the village i stop and turn listening, brow knitting at not hearing the pounding of leather boots in pursuit. Panting i look about me and see a forested area at the brow of a low hill off to my left. Taking a silk from my bag, i twine it in a bush at the side of the road, heading across the soft grass toward the hill, feet grateful for the change from the rough road.

Colin slowly sips His beer, relaxing, then as He finishes the dregs He takes His feet from the table... rising in an unhurried manner and nodding to Dom/mes and smiling to subs.
He walks out the door to His horse waiting in the shadows, smiling, she had never asked if He kept a horse so He had not felt the need to mention Dragon so named for His fiery spirit.
Mounting He turns his steed in the direction He had noted she ran, riding slowly occasionally stopping to lean and ask a question or two of a stall keeper, nodding as they pointed.
Colin rides slowly out of town, eyes scanning darkened doorways, sweeping the open fields as He leaves the town behind.

i lope across the grass to the hill, walking up the slope, the air seeming cooler as i approach the trees. Entering the sparse growth at the edge, stopping for a moment, wishing i had thought to bring a skin of water with me.
Walking through the trees tripping over roots in my path, falling and crying out. Sitting up to look at my skinned knee, i rise, hobbling a bit and listening, in the distance i hear water rushing over rocks and head for the sound. Wending my way carefully to avoid falling again i follow the sound finally finding a small rivulet. Sitting by the edge, i take a silk from my bag and dip it in the water bathing my knee wincing as the cold water hits the heated rawness of the wound . Pausing to wonder what i have done, what punishment i may have brought upon myself or if He means to abandon me and not come after me, to leave me to my fate. i shudder at the thought, leaning down i cup my hand and gingerly taste the water, cold, clear and sweet.
i drink deeply, then moving to a nearby rock sit to think, wondering if i should turn back.

Colin slowly follows the road, His eye suddenly catching sight of a flash of color fluttering in the distance. Spurring Dragon, He rides to the spot reaching down and carefully untangling the silk from the bush.
Grinning, looking up He sees the trees, knowing this was her way of letting Him know she turned off here. Straightening in the saddle He spurs Dragon on, up the hill, dismounting at the edge of the tree-line and walking. Leading the horse between the trees here and there He sees freshly broken twigs, a footprint in fresh mud and hearing the stream, He smiles again heading for the sound.
Leaving Dragon a short distance away, He creeps silently toward the stream, she is sitting on a rock trailing her fingers in the water, unaware of His presence. He starts forward to call her name, then stops, pulling the silk from His belt, an excellent opportunity for a lesson and some fun.

i sit, fingers breaking the surface of the water, sighing i decide it is time to turn back and see if He will still have me.
At that moment i hear a step behind me and as i turn a soft cloth is placed over my eyes, tied tightly behind my head. i reach to tear it away, fear coursing through me. Strong hands grip my wrists, then i feel my damp silk as my hands are raised high above my head and tied firmly together. i open my mouth to scream and a hand clamps over it firmly, i bite into the hand and hear a roar.
i feel a another silk placed in my mouth and tied behind my head, i try to rise to run and strong hands grip me, holding me in place. A strange voice whispers in my ear "Ahhhh it seems you have run quite a bit today, a runaway slave I imagine, I wonder if Your Master wants you back or is He glad to see the back of you". A hand roughly cups and squeezes my buttocks, i squirm away and am pulled back. The voice fills my ears again " hmmmmmmm not a field slave" His hand presses my breasts, fondling the nipples through the thin silk. my cheeks blaze as i feel a familiar heat in my breasts, as my body responds to His touch. i try to scream, shame at my body's need giving me strength in my struggle.
my Captor chuckles at my efforts then whispers again, "a pleasure slave perhaps". A hand goes to my shift, lifting it and cupping my mound, one finger slipping between my folds, sliding over my clit. Terror fills me as i fight my own desires, how can this Brigand arouse me. The finger withdraws, a moment later He growls out "and a sweet one. Well if I can't find Your Master maybe I will keep you for myself... how would that be? " With that, lips press to mine over the gag, i writhe lashing out with my feet, bare toes connecting, i hear a grunt, then feel a foot behind my knees as i am dropped to the ground.
my ankles are bound by another silk, hands roam over my body exploring my curves and valleys, pulling at nipples, pinching my swollen lips covered by their auburn curls, a thought awakens in my mind; could this be my Master come to teach me a lesson?
Before i can let the thought settle in, i feel myself hoisted roughly into the air, carried a short distance then tossed like a sack of potatoes over what can only be a saddle.

A scream erupts from my throat around my gag, i thrash helplessly trying to slide from the horse. i feel the saddle creak as the Man mounts and my body jerks to a sharp slap on my buttocks, heat coursing through them from the handprint i am sure He must have left.
i feel the horse's reins drawn over my ass cheeks, tickling the skin then sharpening the pain where they were struck i gasp, shifting uncomfortably wishing this Man had the wisdom to use an English saddle if He was going to be slinging girls over it, the western pommel digging into my belly. i feel the horse turned and the gentle rocking of its walk, my feet brush against trees as W/we move toward the edge of the forest.

Colin moves toward His softly at the last moment dropping the silk over her eyes and securing it, pinning her wrists before she can remove the blindfold. Reaching into her bag for more silks as she screams binding and gagging her to keep her from biting Him again, nursing His hand.
Disguising His voice and whispering to keep her from guessing His identity, seeing her helpless He feels a stirring, a need. He kisses her roughly then feels the sharp jab of her foot against His shin, placing a booted foot behind her knees, He drops her to the ground, binding her ankles together.
Lifting her and walking with her to Dragon, dropping her over the saddle, surprised by her sudden explosion of strength. Mounting and turning back toward town, gaining the road quickly, feeling her continuing struggles against Him arousing Him, He decides to incorporate lesson and pleasure further, withdrawing His dagger He slices through the silk binding her ankles and lifts Her to face Him, straddling Dragon .
While ensuring the blindfold is tight He draws the blunt edge of the knife over her belly, whispering "Do not try to look at My face slave, for now till W/we reach the town You are Mine to do with as I wish is that clear?" He presses the point of the knife against her belly, careful that He doesn't break the skin, she nods assent.
Colin slides her shift up her thighs, hearing her whimper and undoing His breeches. He exposes His hardening manhood letting it brush against her, the movement of the horse rocking T/them together. He pulls her against Him so she feels His hardness pressed into her, enjoying her whimpers of protest and reaching around behind her to cup her ass, finding the pommel rubbing into her with each movement of the horse. He grins wickedly pressing her back into the pommel so she is pinned between his cock and the hard horn of the saddle, allowing the movement to arouse them B/both as Dragon maintains a slow walk, feeling her begin to moisten under the pressure of Him.

Suddenly cold metal brushes against my ankles and i stiffen, what new horror is He going to visit on me? my bindings are cut away and i am lifted, legs parted and swung over the saddle, i grunt softly as my tailbone hits the hard pommel. my belly cringes as metal that can only be a blade traces its way over the silk of my shift, tears spring to my eyes as i know i am helpless before this Man, my one thought to get back to my Master and make this One pay for His treatment of me, oh what my Master will do to Him.
With a shiver of fear i realize Master may well give me to Him for running away. i can't let that happen, i will beg and plead on my knees, for now i will do what i must to make it back to town. i nod, not even hearing what He has said, a whimper escaping me as i feel Him expose me, and again as i feel His penis rubbing against me.
His body presses hard into me with the saddle trapping me, His hands cup and fondle my buttocks, i wriggle vainly trying to escape His touch. my movements only serving to open my folds and allow Him better access, His cock rubbing against my clit as the damnable horse walks. He thrusts His hips and the pommel presses into my ass, i moan at the uncomfortable position, but more at my own helpless reaction to Him. my clit hardening as do my nipples, my nectar flowing from the heat building between my thighs, o god He may do what He wants, but how can i dare enjoy it? His hands lift me, His cock entering me, slowly lowering me back down onto Him. my ass settles onto the pommel, the hard leather horn pushing against my rosebud i try to move off it, but He holds me fast.

Colin moans as tears moisten her sweet face, His cock throbbing with need lifting her onto Him, entering her slowly. His hands lowering her, ensuring the pommel is well placed under her ass then thrusting strongly to place His cock deep within her and urges Dragon into a faster walk, the movement rocking T/them.
her moist cavity accepting Him stirring around Him, His manhood rests deep within her, He bites back His need to rip the blindfold and gag from her and possess her mouth, letting her know she is safe in His arms. He runs His hands over Her ass, stroking, caressing and squeezing, wrapping His hand in her hair, he pulls her head back. Lowering His face, Colin takes her breast in His mouth, feeling the hard nub of her nipple through the silk, He runs His tongue over and around each nipple, biting them gently then harder, pulling back stretching them slightly. her muscles contract around His cock, her hips rock back and forth as she begins to fuck Him.

i feel the horse change it's pace and with it the motion of my Captor within me, together W/we rock, His hands controlling me. He pulls on my hair so my back arches, pressing my breasts up and out then His mouth is on me, devouring me through my shift. i moan, the need between my thighs rising, the heat from His mouth on my breasts causing my head to swim.
i feel myself moist and hungry with a passion that can't be denied, my desire is for my Master, but this Man has me. i close my eyes and picture my Master's face, if i am to be this Man's slave at least i can deny Him the pleasure of making me want Him. it will be my Master i think of, my Lord i desire, if i must submit, then at least in my mind and heart it can be to my One.
i let my mind drift, my body responds to the touch of the mouth and hands, the steady movement of the animal under U/us. my hips move in rhythm, i draw Him into me, further arching my back and thrusting against Him, the pommel pressing into me on each backward stroke.

Colin rips the gag away unable to resist her mouth, covering it with His, licking her lips and biting them. Pressing His tongue into her, running it against hers, tongues dancing together as her lust rises to meet His Own. He urges Dragon to a faster pace, she begins to bounce on Him rather than rock. His hips thrust uncontrollably, wanting her, needing her and claiming her again, hearing His name on her lips, He looks to the blindfold. Colin wonders if she knows, then, feeling her climax approaching He turns Dragon to the bypass road not wanting to reach town too soon. He urges Dragon into a loping run, the pace grinding her into Him. His cock lances into her, He holds His release and feeling hers peaking, He growls, "cum girl, cum for Me.... NOW!"

I am weak with desire, my juices flowing, totally given over to the moment my head swimming, the gag muffling my small mewling cries. The change in the horse's direction knocking me off balance, under me the pommel grinds cruelly into my ass, thrusting forward to escape the pain i am impaled on the cock as it fills me, driving me mad with need. i don't notice the gag is gone till He covers my mouth, kissing, licking, biting and pressing between my lips, i suck His tongue in greedily imagining my Master's tongue, His hands, His cock.
my arms bound and above my head fall, going around His neck holding me to Him, my head rolls. He releases my mouth and i whisper my Master's name, my hips thrusting and bucking, the horn rubbing on me, the cock driving into me. Sensation spiraling me further into a lust craze, my need unbound, bouncing and rocking against the Man with every motion of the animal. i feel my release hammer at me, the blood pounding in my ears as my heart races. His words break through the haze and i buck hard, my hips thrusting in short jabs then still, body tense and muscles rigid, my inner muscles closing in on Him.
i grip His manhood, pulling tugging at Him, closing around Him. my body shudders and convulses as i feel Him explode within me, His cock growing huge as the cum rises in the shaft. His hands clutch my waist, His hips grinding against me, pushing and driving His cum into me. i sense more than hear Him utter a growling roar as He shoots His seed deep within me, pulling me to Him. His body slumps in the saddle and i fall against His shoulder, spent, purring my Master's name.

Colin feels His balls heavy, her body thrashing against His. His hips jab at her, hammering His need home, her spongy soft rippling heat drawing on Him, stroking Him, driving Him over the brink.
Roaring He shoots into her, His cock jerking, His body tense, cock thick and hungry to spill into her. Stream after stream jetting into her as His body releases His love and desire for her. Hearing His name, looking at her and wondering.
He growls low into her ear, "so that is Who W/we are looking for? Fine, don't look up till I tell you to" her head rests on His shoulder, her body pressing into Him. He resists the desire to stroke her hair and tell her how much she pleases Him and how deep His love is for her, withdrawing from her moist heat and fastening His breeches, T/they are soon in town. He dismounts before the Pub, pulling her from the saddle and carrying her inside.
Colin lets her slide to the floor, commanding her to kneel, whispering, " Don't look up until your Master allows it or it will go worse for You". He calls out, "is there a Master here missing a slave? A Master by the name of Colin?" grinning He moves away from her, cautioning other P/patrons to silence with a finger to His lips.

i lean my head into His shoulder murmuring my Master's name, panting and feeling Him adjusting Himself, the sound of the horse walking over cobblestones and the busy sounds of the village grow louder in my ears. W/we stop and He is gone, then i am lifted down and moved, i feel flooring under me as i am lowered and commanded to kneel. i obey, commanded to not look up, i lower my head. Listening to the Brigand call out for my Master, i shiver fearing my fate.
i hear the soft sound of Colin's stern voice, "Hmmmmmmmmmm, been on an adventure have you? Look up!" The blindfold is removed and i look into the eyes of my Lord, with burning cheeks, i lower my eyes, ashamed. His hand cups my chin raising my face, " W/we talked about this didn't W/we little one? Yet you defied Me, had that Man not found you Who knows what might have happened to you. I said I would exact a price, first I have questions for you. Did you run away because I am not good to you?" i shake my head vigorously , "Then did you run away because you don't want to be with Me? Would you rather I give you to the Man Who found you?" Again i shake my head, "Do you wish to stay with Me?"
i nod, falling to the floor and kissing His boots fervently. " Then little one, there is a price to pay for running away, are you ready to pay it? " Slowly i nod my head, my body shaking violently, whispering "Yes Master,name the price"Part 2HOME