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Leather Whips

This is a budding interest.

Some Grammas practice whip stitch, i just practice whips.


my first bullwhip, East Indian, which unfortunately was not made to stand up to any use. However it did prove that i can make one pop... an 8 footer.


The snake whip, 3 feet with the flexible handle. Because the handle is just a braid, it makes the whip difficult to control. i understand they are used like a flogger with a single tail or the same way one would flick a wet towel. i believe this will take the most work for me to learn to use safely.

signal whip

The signal whip, a small version of the bull whip. 4 feet of saddle grade leather. Without extensive training and experience, i doubt i would ever use it on flesh. But it makes a great psychological toy. i am currently working on just getting it to crack both near floor level & over my head. So far it has meant a lot of sore knuckles as it swings back on me.

To allow someone to use whips on me, i would have to know their level of competance and experience as well as observe them actually using a whip. i believe of all my toys, the whips and cane will take the most trust on my part.