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Rattan has special qualities... it can be used sensually, generating moans of pleasure, or it can raise welts and even break skin. The level of severity depends on the User.

There is one toy missing here... the rattan cane. It is too large to fit my scanner.... but it is by far the toy i prize the most as it was made by and presented to me by David Mosely.

i don't allow anyone to touch me with this cane unless they are very experienced in its sensual properties.

The whisk, a bundle of rattan canes that can be used as a thudder when bundled... when spread, gives a wide impact and lovely sting. Made by Kevan.

The whisk, made by Kevan

Kevan calls this beast The Carpet Beater, i call it the F**k That Hurts. A loop of rattan.

A black dog; Actual size=130 pixels wide