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You are out there, I know You are. Many would not understand this, but You will, when I say, I can feel You. I feel Your heart,I feel Your need for me. You have been watching, waiting, there have been others You have spoken to.. even gotten close to, but always there was this need in You to find what it seems only I possess for You and You turned the others away.

I have been preparing, training, getting stronger, my submission growing and expanding, not knowing You, but knowing some day You would find me and claim me.

I go to munches and parties, hoping to see Your eyes, laughing, joking, having fun… but missing the feel of You beside me… the touch of Your hand at the table as I reach for a glass. I leave with an emptiness in my soul, wishing I had Your arm around me, wishing we could talk in the car on the way home and laugh over the jokes that were told. That we could scheme together for the next time.

I can feel Your lonliness, Your aching to have me settled on pillows at Your feet, my body leaning into You. You can close Your eyes and feel the way Your hand would glide as it brushed over the silkiness of my hair, my head in Your lap.

Do You know how often I whisper "Master", hoping You can hear me calling to You?

I know that what my body looks like will go almost unseen as You look into me through my eyes. You will see the ageless beauty I have come to accept I possess as a submissive, You will see the heart I long to lay in Your hands, the devotion with which I will care for You, as You care for me.

This is not an is a plea to One Who is searching for this woman, please Sir, come and claim me, I have been too long alone, we both have been alone too long. It is time for You to hold out Your hand and bring me close to You.

Waiting, hoping



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