Voices in space - letters - e-mail & chat.
Hands outstretched, offering hope.
Disappearing into silence and emptiness.
Hope flaring, only to die.
Fleeting moments of happiness outlining the pain in stark reality.

Tears shed uncomforted, body aching for strong touch.
Heart aching for the caress of a loving word unspoken.
Veins crying out for release of an empty future -
Life spilling into a crimson stain.
Mind screaming for the unknowingness,the relief eternally from pain unbearable.
Reaching out into the void for the steadying hand that does not exist -
Pitching into the dark, going unnoticed, unremarked, invisible ....

Out of the electronic darkness, a hand…strong and sure -
Reaching out of the void.
Fingers entwine in mine, drawing me up.
Words typed into the ether, wrapping my heart,
Touching my soul.
A voice, soft and sweet, balm for the wounds and scars.
i am unseen - yet visible to One,
Bodies reach out over the distance, boundaries fade.
Passions ignite, fears melting in the flames,
Heat searing, cauterising fresh scars.

Love born in caution, fed by union of mind, heart & spirit.
T/two strangers becoming O/one,
Dance of time bringing T/them together,
E/each recognising the rhythm, moving in step,
Approaching the O/other, eyes lock…lips meet…hearts beat in cadence.
Veins, once crying out for release,
Throb with the pulse of life renewed, drawn from the dark abyss -
Into the light by His hand, His voice, His love.