Elementary school to adolescence Ė I decided when I grew up I was going to be a horse so practiced running fast every day until what I perceived to be a huge angry woman at school told me I couldnít.

I discovered that by hanging onto the grating covering the windows on the first floor of the school and tipping my head back, I could feel the rotation of the earth; apparently I was the only one who felt it or thought it was fun.

My dad bought a whole section of farmerís land that was on a hill beside Lake Huron & had a great beach. My parents built a cottage when my mom was pregnant with me, I grew up there, because my dad was transferred frequently, the cottage was my roots.
I played with the snakes (to my motherís dismay) and found sheltering spots under the cedars where I couldnít be seen. I preferred playing alone even though my dad sold lots to friends who raised their children there.
From the time I was about 7 to puberty I was a pretty normal kid for a loner. I had a great imagination and my mom told me she loved walking along beaches with me because I could see beauty in old knurled trees washed up.

When I was 11 or 12 I discovered I could run up walls and even fly around my parentís room a few feet off the floor until I found out people canít fly.
Again I found places under hedges where I could hide and not be seen. I also started talking to a dead boy; my parents knew about it and thought it was kind of cute. I thought everyone talked to dead people. That went on for about a year or so until one day he was gone.

I had a dream in which I was on a railway platform beside a line of brick colored rail cars; soldiers in unidentifiable uniforms were herding all kinds of people including unborn children into the cars. I stood there & sobbed because I couldnít do anything to help them.

Several years went by as I grew without anything psychic happening.

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