Much of what I know of the early years was told to me later by my family.

Preschool I had memories of growing up in another family, of being older than I was at the time, was very confused by this. According to my family I could speak in what sounded to them like a First Nations language (I still can), apparently this frightened my family. (My sister recently confirmed this)

I had clear flashes of an incident; a wagon train circled, to the right was a tall grassy hill, and to the left was a stand of trees. I recall being in a wooden box made of slats, I was unable to sit up or roll over, I heard gun shots and screaming, I sometimes saw what looked like smoke drifting overhead, I could only see straight up. At one point I saw the large angry face of a white man, he felt like a bad man. Then he was gone, when it was quiet, I remember crying & screaming because I was afraid.

Another face appeared, it was the face of a First Nations man with 2 orange streaks of paint down his cheek, and he scooped me up, got on a horse and carried me. Eventually we got to where there were a bunch of dome shaped huts; I was given to an elderly couple because their child had died. I grew up to call them grandfather and grandmother, grandfather was a greater influence in my life & is still with me in spirit.

I had a playmate named Harvey, he was a bit taller & older than me and had a tendency to break things & cause mischief. I could see him, no one else could.

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