Energy Cleansing and Working

Non-invasive,the client remains fully clothed at all times. Energy is balanced and cleared to promote a relaxation response and altered perception of pain.
I do not diagnose or cure, but with the agreement of the client can assist the body and mind in self healing.

Shamanic Style Consultant for Adults

Often we just need a non-judgemental intuitive listener, I will participate in client driven problem solving and self discovery.

Depending on the issues I may use:

Workshop Facilitator

Please contact me to discuss what workshops I have available.

Shamanic Interventions

In my work I draw on the vibrational frequencies of nature and the participant's own bio-energy working in partnership with the client to increase and promote their holistic wellness

Energy Work

Initial one hour assessment session, $50

Subsequent 20-45 minute sessions $25,

Shamanic Consultation

Initial session $50

Subsequent sessions $30


Based on hours required and number of participants.

Sliding Fee Scale and Student Discounts available on Energy and Shamanic consultations.

PLEASE NOTE:Mileage costs will be assessed if travel is required over 25KM from postal code L4G 4E7

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