The Tarot is not a predictor of the future, it wasn't meant to tell fortunes.  It is strictly a guide, offering options, it does not supplant our free will or our right to make our own choices.                  


 I did this reading with the members of the list in mind, I rarely, if ever do readings for others as I hesitate to intrude in their reality.  I have 5 systems available to me, so asked which was the right one and was drawn to "The Druid Animal Oracle" by Philip and Stephanie Carr Gomm.  The reading was done new year’s eve with only positive intent.  Like all tools, take what works for you and leave the rest.






Bee Community Celebration/Organization

This is an invitation to celebrate, in the Druidic culture,

 they found reasons for celebration about every 6 weeks.

You may want to consider planning something pleasing

to yourself about every 6 weeks, so you always have

something to look forward to.

Living harmoniously in community by sharing common







Goose, Vigilance, Parenthood and Productive Power

 prepared to take on

responsibility for family or project

Access to creative/productive power

your circle of support provides a safe

haven for your creativity.

Goose shows it is possible to be grounded

in responsibility and spiritually active at the same time.


Hawk Nobility, Recollection and Cleansing

Seeing your life in perspective, freeing yourself from unnecessary “baggage”.

Survey your life calmly; see events in their proper context. Connect with and take pride in your ancestral roots and scope of your life. With that connection and pride you will fill with inspiration and enthusiasm. You will sense a new day dawning and make decisions with confidence.


Sow, Generosity, Nourishment, and Discovery.

Be generous, give freely knowing that God/dess nourishes and sustains you.. You may find abundance in nature, life constantly renews itself. Don’t worry about being disconnected from it, feast on life believing in the renewal.

Being across from the Boar in the reading balances Sow’s qualities.

Cow is the “Significator” in other words representative of the general qualities of the group members. Feminine energy (yes fellows, we all possess the balance of energies) Nourishment, Parenthood, Generosity, Protection

Healing, nourishing power surrounds you. Attuning to bovine energy can elicit to the benefit of deep peaceful sleep, it doesn’t require a doing, just being.

Boar Warrior Spirit, Leadership, Direction Represents God/dess

Finding your direction in life

Get out into nature to discover a secret about yourself and the world. Each of us contains a wild and untamed power.

His skin is healing, he can inspire your creativity. Use your power to help a world longing for insight and healing.

Being across from the sow in the reading, Boar’s qualities are tempered and balanced.











Wren Humility, Cunning, God/dess

Allows us to see God/dess in all things including ourselves. Self realization is in humility, gentleness and subtlety. Cunning tempered with humor and good intent allows great achievement with an economy of effort including a rational, honest accessing of the resources of others.


Dog Guidance, Protection, Loyalty

Loyal companion in this life and the next. In the Druidic tradition he is the Guardian of the Mysteries, so can be fierce. However if your intent in seeking out the mysteries, he will guide you.

You may need to protect your values or what you hold sacred. Focus on Faithfulness, trust and loyalty, develop these qualities in yourself and appreciate them in others.















Bull, being beneath the cow in the reading is very influenced and tempered by her qualities, while lending his strength and resolve to her qualities.

Wealth, Potency, Beneficence

True wealth is found first in the heart and soul.  It may take time to achieve, if you need to work steadfastly in trying circumstances for a considerable time to achieve your goal, bull will help keep you from being drained or depressed.