I was going to create a web page chronicling my journey from mental illness to my current stage of coping and continuous learning. However I believe that rather lengthy journey would be best told another time.

Many years ago I was a sole support parent on social services and decided I was accepting less than I was worth. I did soul searching to discover what I loved doing and had loved doing all my life, I asked myself what I believed I was good at and what training I would need to obtain a career doing what I loved and felt were my strengths. I successfully completed a diploma in Social Service Work which allowed me to follow a 5 year career with a regional income maintenance department. Unfortunately that resulted in a breakdown of my coping skills and I was diagnosed as having had Clinical Depression from childhood. Once recovered, I worked in customer service positions until the winter of 2003, when I again had a breakdown of my coping skills. I have not had steady work since that time, I have spent it healing, learning more about mental illness and taking certification courses to once again follow my dream of helping people.

What I want to do with the rest of my life is to help people who, like myself, may have an internal chemical imbalance and may find their coping skills not up to the demands our current society and work environments place upon them.

While mood disorders are going to be a permenant part of my life, they don't have to rule my life. I believe I have strengths and abilities that will allow me to be of use in the field of mental health.

Strengths and Abilities
Social Service Worker DiplomaCareer Development Practitioner Post-grad CertificatePractical Users Guide to the InternetComputers in the WorkplaceCurrent ST. Johnís Ambulance Standard First Aid and CPR Level A certificationPeer Mentoring course co-sponsored by CMHA and T.E.A.C.H
Owner/Facilitator, Mood Disorder Online Self-Help Support Group. Global group of more than 100 members and family dealing with mental health issues.
Personal Qualities
Reliable Professional attitude and approach to job duties Highly developed work ethicSense of humourEmpathetic, non-judgementalTactful approach to problem solvingFlexabilityDedication to the principle of confidentialityBondable

This of course is not the totality of me, it is a brief sampler, hopefully this will whet your appetite to meet me and become better acquainted.

I am seeking work in the field of Mental Health, previously I wasn't willing to accept part time work. I have come to the conclusion I would rather work part time at something I enjoy and feel passionate about than full time at something I do simply to receive a pay cheque.

If you wish to know more, please contact me at Ardonna