May 2001, I am beginning to explore my s/Switch side, have I given up looking for a Master? Not yet.. but after more than a year and a half, now alone without training, I want to continue to learn and grow. I have found a Mentor, Lady Sun from Toronto to help me with the troublesome questions, but my greatest blessing is the community. I am fortunate to be a part of a far flung group of people of varying skills, experience and ablities. Many of these are willing to share their gifts and wisdom with me.

I was at a fetish day In Niagara Falls and had photos taken, I am placing one of them here. Unfortunately I was squinting into the sun.

I Was surfing sites and discovered a horoscope I found rather accurate.

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August 24 - September 22

Virgo Mistress

She is practical and methodical with the inherited qualities of a seasoned Governess. Mistress Virgo more than any other sign is suited to serve others. The Governess also loves to serve a Mistress or Master. She is destined by fate to switch roles. She is determined by nature to punish insubordinate behavior and bad habits, continually doing her best at all times to dissuade a repeat of offenses. She is a no-nonsense dominatrix delivering wholesome discipline. Her philosophy is down to earth approach, believing the healing and restorative effects of a sound thrashing.

Virgo Mistress Sadian Vices

Erotographomania: Arousal from writing love poems or letters.

Florentine girdle: Chastity belt

Frottage: Rubbing body against partner or object for arousal.