shoshin: Last night was cruel, not something i expected from you. To not show... or to show and not speak to me.. at least to tell me no, there is no chemistry.

To not call, email or ICQ, something, anything shows a lack of understanding of respect and courtesy. If you were there and didn't reveal yourself then it shows cowardice as well.

It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of what it takes to be a true Dom in the best sense of the word. So, you, like the wannabes & players are looking for some Playboy fantasy or some barbie sub... you don't have a grasp on the concept that bodies are transient, that it is the soul & spirit that make a person what they are.

Like the typical sub, i beat myself up over last night, until i realized i may be physically flawed and imperfect, but you possess a flaw of the soul and heart.

> shoshin: May you find what you think you are looking for and may she be what you hope she will be... with the inner flaw you possess, it will be a hard struggle for you. You walked out on a treasure, the container may be large.. but it takes a large container to hold the love and heart i possess..

> ppppppppppffffffffffffffft.... NEXT!