Being Canadian i am always looking for good Canadian based resources. Recently one of the Toronto Dommes Who is very involved in the local community provided a web site for those of us north of the 49th parallel, please visit

One of the things i do online is to be a help and resource to submissives (male or female), one of the most common reasons a submissive gets hurt in this Life is lack of knowledge. Not knowing what makes a good Dominant, not knowing that the submissive has a right and personal duty to establish boundaries to keep themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually safe. i offer some links to excellent resources already existant on the web for the novice submissive (even experienced subs forget). i hope that if You know a novice, You will pass along this information as a caring friend.

Meeting a Dom/me from the web
What makes a good Dom/me?
Common Sense Rules

Some people wonder where the line between abuse and BDSM is, here is a link to some thoughts on the topic Abuse or D/s?

What about online abuse? Anyone who has invested time and emotional vulnerability into a relationship lived for whatever reason within the confines of the web and then been left feeling used and abused, will tell you there is such a thing as online abuse. This site addresses those issues.WHOA

Online friends of mine, a D/s couple have a web site, it is a collection of their artistry and concern about the prevention of abuse in the Lifestyle. Please visit Lord Avastaur and igorka

i like to let my friends on the web know how much i care about them so i use a lot of greeting card sites to express my feelings.
If i am going to be AFK or to mark a special occasion with a friend, i send a card.
The ones i use are free. Some of the sites are trashy, some are vanilla, but in 4 years of locating greeting card sites i have found one recently that has something for everyone... it is adult related, but the cards aren't all "Hot".
If you are looking for something a little different & unique to send to a special person or friend may i suggest you surf over to kinkycards