Shoshin's Information

In this time of a shrinking world and best friends who are continents apart, it is helpful, when considering a relationship born on the web, to know some nitty gritty details.

Of course, for safety sake, i have to limit the scope of what i am willing to reveal to the world.

I stand 5'4" tall, am BBW (a big beautiful woman to the core).

As You can see by my photographs, my hair is auburn and very long. my eyes vary from blue/gray to green/gold depending on mood.

I work as clerical support in the housing industry and live in Dundas Ontario, about an hour west of Toronto.

Being 50 years young, some people may consider me mature... I consider myself an aging hippie with "Peter Pan Syndrome".


My two grown children no longer live with me, I am a new gramma and have been unattached for the last 19 months.

My current social life consists of friends in the BDSM lifestyle, attending munches/brunches and fetish events.


I enjoy doing leatherwork when I have the time & space and am trying my hand at simple jewelry again.

Dominants often ask about my limits. I will not under any circumstances become involved in blood or water sports, breath play, scat or become a harem member.

I am heterosexual and during my training had a taste of many of the skills and arts BDSM offers. I have experienced chain, spanking, collar and leash, rope bondage, leather and rubber restraints, a variety of wooden, rubber and leather implements. I learned to enjoy the crop and rattan cane as well as rubber tickler whips. Thuddy floggers are a favorite of mine and as You can see from my photos, my favorite large equipment is the St Andrews cross. I have experienced nipple clamping and zippering (using clothespins). The time I spent in a strait jacket was rather interesting.

my public play is conducted in corset, stockings, heels and thong, I do not allow insertion or penetration in public.

Sexual preferences I would prefer to discuss after knowing someOne well and developing a trust.

People are amazed at quickly and how deeply I subspace, however, the freedom to subspace comes only when I feel safe in the environment and with the people around me.

Personality wise, I like people in general, am strong, intelligent, witty (occasionally impish), loyal, slow to anger and respectful. I am deeply spiritual, considering myself a solitary practioner and lean heavily towards paganisim.

I have no patience for disrespectful people and find lack of respect or harm to people I care about the rare things that will rouse me to fury.

Making people smile is my great joy and making people happy is something I strive for.

I have already stated what I am looking for and care enough about myself not to settle for less.

If what You see on this site appeals to You, please .................................